Sai Gon to Central Highland to Hoi An 7 days

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- Cu Chi tunnels
- The landscapes alongside Ho Chi Minh trail
- Daily life of local people
- Dray Nur, Dray Sap waterfall - the biggest falls in the Central Highland
- Learn about the many different Ethnic Minority group: Ede, M'Nong, Kon Ktu, Banar...and their different house types
- Lak lake - the second big natural lak of Vietnam
- Elephant ride
- Lak lake, Elephant rider
- Orphanages in Kon Tum
- Historic Sights of Dak To and Charlie Hill
- Hoi An Ancient Town

Day 1 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoian/Danang: Sai Gon Easy Riders Trip to Dong Xoai

Leaving the busy Ho Chi Minh city/Saigon, we will ride head to Cu Chi tunnels, immense network of connecting underground tunnels stretching for over 200kms. Location of severe military campaigns, these tunnels played a vital part in the war. Then we travel by boat to enjoy the beauty of the area after visiting mat and incense making villages. And heading to Binh Phuoc to learn how the locals make rice papers, noodles,…Overnight in Dong Xoai (The beginning point of the Ho Chi Minh trail from South to North)

Day 2 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoian/D: Dong Xoai Easy Riders Trip to Dak Mil

Today, we will stop at Soc Bom Bo village to enjoy the hospitable nature of Ede hill tribe people, their culture and traditions. Ride through the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail trail to enjoy its magnificent scenery, explore the rural life of the local people, get as close as it gets to the Cambodian border on the real war remnant HCM trail to learn more about the history of Vietnam. Then we will ride head to Dak Mil ( nearby the border between Vietnam and Cambodia) to check-in at hotel for over-night stay.

Day 3 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoian/Danang: Dak Mil Easy Riders Trip to Lak lake

Today is another enjoyable Easyrider Trip in Central Highlands Vietnam. We will ride through the Dray Sap and Dray Nur waterfalls (One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Central Highland). Before that, we will ride on Ho Chi Minh trail where offers plenty of historical sites and the breath-taking nature of the areas, we can have stops at some roadside villages to learn how the locals make as rice papers, noodlesWe will stop at a local market where we will buy really special foods for our picnic lunch. Our stop lunch today is at the Dray Sap and Dray Nur Waterfalls. While our guide cook for lunch (you will be very surprised with our guides cooking skills), you will deep your body in a Fairy pool, take a water massage from waterfall.Then we will continue traveling to Lak Lake before the sunset to have some great shots of M’nong Ethnic minority’s fishermen on the lake.Overnight in Lak lake. We can choose to do home-stay or stay at the Lak Resort.

Day 4 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoi An: Buon Me Thuot Easy Rider Trip To Pleiku

Wake up ealy and walk around the Jun village where M’Nong minority people live to learn their daily life. If you want to cross Lak lake by boat or travel on the back of elephant (extra pay), just feel free to inform us, our guides will help you to arrange it.
Time to get on the motorbike to ride to Pleiku !

One of the longer stretches of riding sets off today... However, the roads are awesome with lush jungle, rubber tree plantations, minority villages and much more !

Day 5 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoi An: Pleiku Easy Rider Trip to Kon Tum

Getting out the city, we will head to Sea Lake which is considered as the ‘Eyes of Pleiku’ , used to be a volcanic crater that stopped working a million years ago, a great place to take some good photos for your trip.

Enturing deep and entering the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail to travel to Kon Tum where we could visit:

- An old wooden church which is combined of European style and culture of the Central Highlands Vietnam
- Orphanages
- The Kon Ktu village where you see the Ede hill tribes Rong house and learn their traditions and culture by observing their customs and daily life.

Day 6 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoian/Danang: Kon Tum Easy Riders Trip to Kham Duc

Wake up in the early morning to enjoy the air of the mountain town and walk around to visit the local market to see more the daily life of Vietnamese. And try to find some tropical fruits to take away for the trip today. After breakfast, we will ride on a romantic road which is really beautiful landscapes. Then continue traveling on the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit the well-known Phoenix Airport and Charlie hill to know more about the war between the Northern and Southern Governments. You’ll find out more about the different cultures of Ch’ru, Bana, Thai – just some of the 54 different ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

After reaching Kham Duc, a mountain town on Ho Chi Minh trail .

Day 7 - Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoian/Danang: Kham Duc Easy Rider Trip to Hoian/Da Nang

Another breathtaking ride along the Ho Chi Minh trail awaits us. Leaving Kham Duc for Hoi An after visiting a basket making village, and rice paper making, we’ll move to another small villages to make friends with them and see how they make incense, ceramics, chopsticks. Visit pineapple plantation and enjoy a fresh pineapple.

Arrive in Hoian or Daang around 4:30pm to 5:00pm



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