Hue to Phong Nha caves on the Ho Chi Minh 3 days

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Below is the brief itinerary of the day trip so you could imagine how we travel

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Day 1 - Motorbike Tour from Hue to Phong Nha caves: Hue Adventure Tour to DMZ to Khe Sanh

- Leaving from Hue and ride along highway 1A to Quang Tri town to visit “The high way of Horror’’ where in the summer of 1972 a host of Southern soldiers lost a battle, retreated to Hue and were shoot to death here
- Visit Long Hung Church and Quang Tri Old Citadel which was a battlefield in 1972 between North and South Vietnam for 81 days and nights.
- Stop at Hien Luong bridge and Ben Hai river (as know 17th Parallel and also the border line between the South and the North Vietnam during the American war). The place where dividing border of South and North Vietnam during the 20 years of Civil war.
- Visit the Doc Mieu Fire Base and stopping for lunch and relax at Cua Tung Queen Beach.
- Visit The Vinh Moc Tunnel and have short stop at the War Martyr Cemetery (Truong Son cemetary) to pay respects to the soldiers who fought and died on the trail during the American War
Day 2 - Motorbike Tour from Hue to Phong Nha caves: Khe Sanh Adventure Tour to Phong Nha Caves
- Visit the Khe Sanh combat base
- See the real trail with its mind-blowing, spectacular scenery - lots of jungle, mountains, waterfalls
- Visit villages of the Paco and Van Kieu Minorities
Day 3 - Motorbike Tour from Hue to Phong Nha caves: Phong Nha Adventure Tour to Dong Hoi
- Take a boat approx 5km along the Son River to tour the Phong Nha Caves (river cave), followed by Tien Son Cave (dry cave).
- In the afternoon we will stop for a swim in the Suoi Nuoc Mooc Springs, and visit Tamco caves and Kilometre 0 or the west Ho Chi Minh Trail.
- Ride along the east Ho Chi Minh trail to Dong Hoi and finish the tour there.


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